Types Of Hair Extensions

As a female you probably already know that you have a variety of hair extensions to choose from. You have the tape-ins, the weave, the clip-ins, the micro-links, ad the fusions, but what does all of this really mean?

Just thinking about all the choice probably makes your head spin and you probably don’t even know which is best suited for your hair. Well, not to worry because when it comes to the types of hair extension this guide has got you covered.

What Are The Tape-In Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are pretty much what the name suggests. These extensions can be taped and glued to either side of your hair. Due to their installation method most of the time another individual will have to install these extensions for you, because they will need to be properly aligned with the roots.

In addition to this, they have to be heated with a special tool in order to get the glue to adhere to your hair properly. Just keep in mind that these extensions will need to be removed with special glue remover when you decide to take them out, but they can be reused.

The Treatment For Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions usually have to be treated with special shampoos, conditioners, and style products, because certain products can cause the glue and tape to come lose. However, as long as you are careful around the roots where the tape and glue is applied, you can practically style them in any manner you want.

Lifespan Of Tape-Ins

Tape-in extensions can last anywhere from four to eight weeks before you have to remove them. However, they can be re-applied if they are still in good condition.

What Are The Sew-In Extensions And Weave?

You probably already know that a weave is just the process of braiding your natural hair into a cornrow. However, after the natural hair is braided into a cornrow this is where the sew-in extension will come into play.

They are sewed into the braided hair with a standard needle and thread. The sew-in and weave usually works best with thicker hair, because it makes it easier to mask the thread. The whole process can take several hours and be very training on the scalp.

The Treatment For Sew-In Extensions

With the weave hairstyle it will be essential to properly moisturize the scalp at least once a week paying close attention to the nape and edges of the hair. Any deep conditioning product should suffice for the task.

Some experts might even recommend using a protein product to help make the hair stronger, because weaved hair is more prone to damage weakening.

Lifespan Of The Weave And Sew-In

Most individuals leave the weave and sew-in extensions in the hair for at least six to eight weeks. However, you can go as long as four months if you want, but you should never exceed the four-month period because it can negatively affect your real hair.

What Is The Fusion And Pre-Bonded Hair?

The Fusion hair extensions are sometimes called pre-bonded extensions, because they are pretty much bonded to your natural hair with special adhesives such as glue. This method can take anywhere from three to four hours.

This type of extension is only suitable for individuals with the right hair. Attaching these extensions to damaged hair might not be advisable, because they can be highly damaging.

The Treatment For Fusion Extensions

The great thing about fusion extensions is that they can be treated and styled just like real hair. However, they will need to be properly re-positioned every three months due to the growth of the natural hair.

Lifespan Of The Fusion Extensions

These extensions can be left in the hair for as long as four months, depending on the type of hair you have and its growth rate.

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