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Choosing the right hair extensions

How to Measure Your Hair Extensions

Choosing the right hair extensions for you...

If you’re seeking out to invest in good quality Brazilian hair weave extensions, decide to go with the virgin brazilian hair Extensions we sell.

Virgin hair means that the hair comes straight from a single donor/person and has not recently been permed, dyed, colored, bleached or chemically processed in any way.

Even though Virgin hair is typically sold at a higher price point, It provides a much longer life span. Virgin Brazilian hair is also easy to conserve and can be washed, dyed, and styled for months on end.When purchasing Brazilian hair Extensions, the hair should come in a natural brown colour.

Don’t anticipate any two bundles of virgin hair to look exactly the same, this is because they can come from two different donors – colour, thickness and wave will vary to some degree.

There can be quite a few different types of hair extensions such as Indian Virgin hair, Brazilian hair and even Malaysian hair.

Here at my Brazilian Hair we sell all 3 types of hair:

Every single hair category has different characteristics which should be chosen by you depending on the look you’re planning to achieve.

■ Indian Hair Extensions: Indian hair Extensions is commonly plentiful (but not heavy), wavy and full. This is a good option if you like to wear your hair collectively wavy and straight because both looks can be accomplished with this hair type.
■ Brazilian Hair Extensions: Brazilian hair is heavier in density compared to Indian hair. As a result, you may not wish to use as many bundles to create a full look. Brazilian hair is additionally extremely versatile, it comes in straight, curly or even wavy.
■ Malaysian Hair Extensions: Yet there are insignificant variants in each, Asian and European hair types are typically sleeker and straighter than Indian and Brazilian hair, and are lighter in density. These hair types are a good choice if you do have fine hair and are looking to find something that will possibly blend well.