The invasion of weaves took the world by storm total hair domination…..

A weave is hair extensions that are sewn down to the naturally braided hair, they can consist of tracks or the whole hair can be braided. If wanting a full head weave a net is used to cover the braided hair and then the extensions are sewn on.

Weaves are very beneficial here’s why:

  • Very low maintenance as there is not much time is need in styling this hair. You can style hair if you are in a hurry.
  • Weaves protect your natural hair from the natural elements and different styling practices because hair extensions are sewn very close to natural hair. No use of tiresome processes like heat styling or brushing of hair, your hair I protected by the extensions.
  • Very low commitment is needed towards your hair. Weaves can be worn for a good couple of months. The option to change up your style is a choice left to the individual, so you never stuck to one particular look.
  • With weaves one is given the option to experiment, you can go with whatever style, colour, texture, how long or short, the choices are endless. All this can be done without worrying about hair damage.

The goal of most women to achieve that transracial image will always be an individual’s choice.  There is no harm in being creative towards your looks, especially adding some creativity to your hair.

Weaves are a great option if you want to protect your natural hair.