Ombre Hair

Every season we see all those famous celebrities either on magazines covers or from watching them on television, with their fresh new hairstyles looking all glamorous.  We hoping to have the same look.

Looking to transform your looks!

So, tired of the same style of hair!

Looking for a style that will make your girlfriends envious

Look no further………

Ombre hair extensions is the solution you been waiting for.

The hair stylist is the painter and your hair is the canvas, the new hair art trend that got everyone wanting this style.

This glamourous dip-dyed look is simply defined as hair roots that are darker which blends into a much lighter shade as it gets to the ends of the hair.

Ombre hair extensions is 100% all natural pure human hair.  Depending on your choice and style preference, Ombre hair is using a new colour technology this gives you the option to   lighten your whole head or to just dye the roots darker or you can just lighten the ends of hair only.

What’s good with these hair extensions is that they very low maintenance and you are guaranteed that the colour in your hair will not fade. With Ombre hair you are keeping your root colour, your hair simply just grows out. Most people go back for touch ups with normal hair BUT not with Ombre hair, you won’t be requiring any root touch ups.

The dip-dyed look is affordable but prices will vary depending on your choice but you get your money’s worth. Ombre hair is low maintenance hair extensions.

The Ombre hair is totally chic fabulous. This is hair style is going to last and will be sticking around for a while.

This trendy, fun style is so worth giving a try if you want a fresh look to add to your glamourous lifestyle.