Lace Wigs

So many people struggle with hair loss, a common problem caused either by inherited factors, stress, illness, ageing or medicines. The struggle to grow ones hair becomes frustrating.

Stop the worry and look no further; there is a quick fix method. Thanks to people with curious minds there is a solution to those hair loss issues. Lace Wigs.
Well a matter of all honesty Lace Wigs helps those self-conscious individuals with their hair loss issues.
These lace wigs have exploded in the beauty circle, creating such a trend that even celebrities choose Lace Wigs has one of their most important ''must

Why should you choose lace wigs?

The answer is quite simple; they are simply unique in their making. The hair used to make these lace wigs are either 100% all natural or synthetic hair. All hair on this wig is specially hand tied, and carefully built in a soft and very sheer lace cap. What makes lace wigs so unique is the hairline, when you part the hair on this wig you have a beautiful natural appearance. No one would guess that you are using a wig. You get the look as it’s your very own hair growing straight of your own scalp.

You get 2 types of Lace Wigs, the Lace Front Wig and the Full Lace Wig.

The Front Lace Wig
This wig gets its name because; it has a lace base where hair is only knotted only at the front of wig. With this type of wig hair can be tied loosely of in a ponytail.
The advantage of this wig is it is very easy to apply onto a person’s hair. These wigs can be worn daily all depends on how it is attached.

The Full Lace Wig
The entire lace cap is knotted with hair, and the whole lace wig is bonded to the persons head either by tape or glue. With this type of wig hair can be parted and set as you desire.
Both types of wigs when applied give one a truly all natural and flawless look.