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How To Spot Fake Brazilian Hair Extensions From The Real Thing

Posted by Julie Singh on

Hair extensions are extremely popular among women of all races. While some women will prefer extensions that use human hair, others will not have a preference. However, for those looking for extensions with 100 percent human hair, you will need to be extremely careful, as there are companies out there that sell fake versions of Brazilian Hair.

Test 01: Burn Test

One of the best ways to identity artificial or fake hair strands is with the burn test. This process requires the use of a curling or flat iron. Of course, you will not be able to use this test in the store or beauty parlor. So, if you are relying on the burn test, you will need to make your purchase and test the hair extension once you return home.

Set the temperature on your curling or flat iron to normal temperature you utilize to style your hair. Once it reaches the preset temperature, just run the iron through the hair. If the hair frizzles up, it is highly likely that you are dealing with human hair. If the strands burn cleanly and do not ash, you are dealing with synthetic hair, which is much harder to ignite.

Test 02: Natural Or Unnatural

Some people have a keen eye and are very familiar with Brazilian hair extensions, so they will instantly be able to determine the difference between synthetic and human hair. For those who are new to the hair extension world, it will not be so easy to differentiate between the two.

When you are in the beauty parlor or beauty supply shop, you will need to make a comparison of Brazilian hair extensions with synthetic and human hair. You can do this by placing several strands over the palm of your hand, while looking for imperfection, natural ridges and a shiny texture.

It is common for human hair to have natural imperfections and ridges. Human hair will also reflect light differently than synthetic hair, as it will not look extremely shiny or have a very light tone.

Test 03: Feels Soft Or Like Plastic

Just feel of your own hair, does it feel soft and have a natural feel? Of course it does and so should a Brazilian hair extension made from human hair. Hair extensions that are made from synthetic hair strands will have an unnatural plastic feel. You will also be able to see the plastic strands, as they will have a very shiny texture. If you know what to look for it will be easy to spot a fake Brazilian hair extension. And, even if you don’t, it will not be that difficult, because the synthetic strands typically have an unnatural appearance and feel.

Test 04: Mixture Of Human And Synthetic Hair

Some manufacturers will utilize a mixture of human and synthetic hair in their products, in an effort to avoid detection. In this case, you will need to pay close attention to the cuticle placement, which should be the same “way up.” Fake hair will typically fall out of the weft in clumps with glued ends.

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